Planning to build your dream home, start a major renovation, or just brighten up your living space? Dimmable LED lighting is designed to transform your home inside and out.

Create a lasting first impression by illuminating your home with steady, even and dimmable LED light— for new constructions, retrofits, and renovations. From LED recessed, panel, cabinet, strip, stair, and flood lights to indoor and outdoor compact fluorescent light (CFL) replacements, Rimikon extra low voltage lighting innovations are designed to enhance the most elegant and artistic features of your home.

Extra low voltage LED lighting for EVERY ROOM

Each room in your home has different lighting needs. Kitchens, home offices, and home workshop areas need more practical task lighting while dining rooms and bedrooms need softer, more intimate illumination. Rimikon dimmable, extra low voltage LED lights present no shock hazards so they are safe and easy to install in bathrooms and showers. Our warm white and white color temperatures brighten basements, hallways, staircases and garages. TELL US your vision and we’ll help it come to light.

LED lighting that WORKS for OUTDOOR spaces

Bring the comfort of indoors outside with Rimikon’s selection of dimmable, all-weather LED lighting.

Accent the exterior of your home by installing Rimikon LED lighting in soffits, outdoor gardens, stairs, and walkways. Bring gardens, landscape features and water features to life at night. Unlike CFLs, Rimikon’s selection of extra low voltage LED lights are durable and dependable even in the most extreme whether conditions.

LED lighting that REDUCES your energy bill and PROTECTS the environment

Rimikon LED lights are not only easy to install or convert but will also save you energy and replacement costs. Our next-generation LED lights use less power (watts) than compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and last five times longer. In fact, our patented extra low voltage LED lights are so efficient that they last 15% longer than conventional 110 volt LED light bulbs. With zero toxic mercury, zero UV or ultraviolet radiation, very little electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution, and no shock or burn hazards, Rimikon extra low voltage LED lights are safe for you and your family. Their ultra-long lifespan (an average of 17 years at 8 hours per day) also means less frequent replacements than CFLs and less waste in the landfill.