Commercial (and Other)

Patented Rimikon extra low voltage LED lights are designed to significantly lower operational and maintenance costs.

All of Rimikon’s extra low voltage LED lighting innovations are low energy, long lasting, recyclable, and safe to install. Our lighting solutions last up to two decades beyond the purchase date, providing your customers, employees, students, or visitors with a variety of dramatic or dimmable experiences while saving your business energy and replacement costs.

  • Office buildings and commercial towers: Invest in the modern elegance of extra low voltage LED lights to transform reception areas, hallways, meeting rooms, offices, eating areas, wellness areas, elevator and escalator lobbies, corridors, stairways, convention and exhibition centers, and branded display areas. Keep employees and visitors safe by using Rimikon LED lights on exterior walkways and in all parking areas. Light up your outdoor signage to promote your brand.
  • Education facilities: Improve and enhance lighting conditions in schools, colleges, and universities for optimized focus, vision, health, and wellbeing. Enjoy steady, flicker free natural white, warm white or white color temperatures in classrooms, computer labs, research labs, libraries, gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias, and administrative offices. Brighten or dim any room or space using wall mount or wireless dimming control.
  • Auto dealerships: Focus on superior LED lighting solutions on dealership lots to create a memorable first impression while maximizing energy efficiency and safety. Brighten, dim or apply accented LED lighting to showrooms, service bays, wash bays, warehouses, meeting areas, and dealership offices to enrich the customer experience, motivate vehicle sales, optimize energy savings, and enhance security.
  • Retail, dining and entertainment: Design inviting, comfortable environments that enhance the guest experience while showcasing branded goods and services. Create bright, safely lit environments for greater security at shopping destinations such as supermarkets, malls, factory outlets, and shops, or use dimmable control to accent specific display areas. Add festive flair with LED RGB strip lights in restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars, lounges, or clubs. Use our single color LED strip lights for interior and exterior task lighting as well as ambient accent lighting.
  • Healthcare facilities: Rimikon extra low voltage LED lights are designed to support the quality of care offered by healthcare and wellness facilities, providing durable, dependable lighting systems that can perform 24 hours a day for a decade or more after purchase. Our long service life and high efficiency products are ideal for emergency rooms, examination rooms, patient rooms, recovery rooms, waiting areas, lobbies, corridors, lounges, and cafeterias. Keep visitors and employees safe by installing LED lighting along the outdoor perimeter of buildings, on walkways, and in parking areas.
  • Industrial buildings and warehouses: Rimikon extra low voltage LED lights are versatile in variety of industrial applications, including warehouses, factory floors, distribution centers, loading docks, and outdoor spaces. With a longer service life, these energy saving lighting innovations brighten or dim on command while enabling continuous energy and money savings for decades beyond the purchase date.

Did you know?

Rimikon was first in line to introduce UL, CUL, Energy Star (Class 2) extra low voltage LED lighting systems to the North American market. Our patented products are recyclable, IC rated (safe to come in contact with insulation), UV and infrared free, and present no shock or burn hazards. Compared to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), Rimikon extra low voltage LED lights consume less energy, contain zero toxic mercury, last 5x longer and perform well in extreme temperatures.