Extra low voltage LED lighting innovations for stunning architectural applications

Rimikon extra low voltage LED lights, available for indoor and outdoor use, can be used to accent a wide range of architectural buildings or designs. LED lighting is flicker free with full dimming and color changing control, allowing you to adjust the brightness at any time of day or night. Use to light entranceways, hallways, stair cases, reading or work areas, and decorative interior features such as sculptures and paintings. Install outdoors to illuminate building facades, canopies, walkways, landscape features, water features, emergency pathways, stairs, parking lots, and building signage.

Bring your design to LIFE with Rimikon LED lights

Rimikon extra low voltage lighting systems offer a cost-saving, eco smart and trend-setting solution for modern constructions and retrofits of homes, commercial buildings, institutions, and more. The benefits of replacing compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) with Rimikon extra low voltage LED lights include:

  • safe and easy to install indoor or outdoor
  • IC rated (fire protection)
  • less expensive wiring
  • no burn or shock risks
  • no mercury
  • no infrared or UV radiation
  • reduced exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution
  • substantial energy savings and costs
  • dependable performance even in extreme weather conditions
  • less frequent light replacements (less landfill)
  • recyclable materials (no toxic components)
  • ideal for off-the-grid applications

Lighting VARIETY for maximum DEPTH

Rimikon is the first company in North America to introduce a UL certified (Class 2) extra low voltage LED lighting system to the market—offering a full selection of LED recessed lights, LED panel lights, LED cabinet lights, LED strip lights, LED stair lights, LED flood lights, power supplies, controls, and accessories.