MEDIA RELEASE: April 27, 2016

Featured in Metroland newspapers on May 19, 2016: Ottawa West News, page 46 (or page 4 of 2nd section) and Ottawa South News, page 54

Ottawa-based Rimikon pioneers new 24V commercial standard to meet global demand for low energy LED lighting

Rimikon Inc., which developed the most energy efficient, cost-saving LED lighting solutions on the market for local sustainability leaders such as Zibi, Saint Paul University, Tamarack Homes, and Minto Developments, is ready to grow into the commercial sector with the first of several eco-friendly products—a 2’x2’ (0.6m2) LED panel light that requires only 24V of DC power, lasts up to 50,000 hours, and is 100% recyclable.

To further validate the efficiency of its extra low voltage LED lighting products, Rimikon is planning to install and test its products at the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology (CCHT) facility. Constructed in 1998 and jointly operated by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Natural Resources Canada and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the CCHT serves as a platform to accelerate the market acceptance of innovative technologies. As part of infrastructure upgrades announced in May 2015, NRC is building a semi-detached smart-home to evaluate and showcase low energy solutions and technologies for the multi-unit market.

Suzanne Cyr, Rimikon’s new CEO, says, “Compared to traditional compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), LEDs produce a higher light output per watt, consume less energy, and are used in more applications. They present no shock or burn risks, contain zero toxic mercury or UV radiation, and emit very little EMF pollution. Rimikon lights were designed to be even more efficient than traditional LED lights—up to 15% more efficient—and will last about five times longer than CFLs.”

Cyr says, “Whereas CFLs were a more affordable choice in the past, prices for LEDs have been dropping steadily on a global scale with the payback time getting shorter and shorter. Incentives such as receiving up to 50% of project costs through Ontario’s SAVEONENERGY retrofit program, combined with a substantial reduction in operational, maintenance and electricity costs for years to come, are big selling points for businesses,” says Cyr.

Rimikon is an innovative lighting and lighting design company focused on integrating cost-saving, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable technologies into our everyday lives. Launched in 2010, Rimikon was first in line to introduce patent-protected, UL, CUL, Energy Star (Class 2) extra low voltage LED lighting products, power supplies, controls and accessories to the North American market. With global LED lighting trends revealing significant growth and product development through 2016 and beyond, Rimikon is designing and expanding product lines to meet the demands of the residential and commercial sectors across Canada and the US. The extra low voltage LED company currently has 27 distributors across North America.

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