Rimikon is an innovative lighting and lighting design company that was first in line to introduce patent-protected ELV (extra low voltage) LED lighting products, power supplies, controls, and accessories to the North American market. Richard St-Jacques and his brother Mike launched Rimikon in 2010 with a vision to pioneer next generation LED lighting systems that only require a 24V or 12V DC power supply (stepped down from the 110V AC standard).

The advantages of using extra low voltage LED technology include energy savings, cost savings, smaller and less expensive wiring, as well as easier and safer installation. Other features and benefits include elegant, compact LED lighting fixtures designed for indoor or outdoor settings (in all weather conditions), color temperature options (from warm white or white to RGB), and wall mount or wireless dimming control of the brightness on all lights—from LED panel lights, recessed lights and cabinet lights to LED strip lights, stair lights and flood lights.

Rimikon is led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs whose combined talents include R&D and innovation management, global business development, marketing, sales, and award winning business ventures. Together, they are passionate about integrating cost-saving, energy efficient, and environmentally sustainable technologies and solutions into our everyday lives.